Watch Here! Viral Video of OFW in Dubai Helps Her Escape Abusive Workplace.


"Tulungang niyo po ako - makaalis na ako dito. Pinagbugbog po ako ng amo ko."

Last Thursday, a video of OFW Rosemarie Bandola Jullanda was trending all over social media.In the video, Rosemarie was begging to be saved from her abusive workplace. She appeared on camera with a swollen cheek and was visibly upset. 

She described the physical abuse she endured while working in Zahra, Kuwait. She recalls being smacked on the face, kicked and punched in the stomach by her owner. Rosemarie went further by showing bruises on her arms and said she can't hear out of her right ear.

"Takot na takot ako sa amo kong lalaki." Rosemarie says. According to the OFW, she's already heard rumors that her owner was physically abusive towards past workers. Rosemarie says she was afraid for her life.

Many netizens expressed their support and sympathy for Mama Rosemarie. Thankfully, she wouldn't have to wait long for a response. 

After the video went viral, ABS-CBN reporter Maxxy Santiago was able to bring up this issue with the Philippine Embassy. The government officials responded quickly to Rosemarie's pleas. Soon after, Rosemarie was allowed by her owner to leave for home. 

Rosemarie will return to the Philippines on December 08, 2016 at around 10:55PM.


Watch this video by Maxxy Santiago

Source: TNP, Facebook

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