WATCH: 'Aswang' That Can Transform Into A Big Cat Attacks Four People In North Cotabato!

People from Barangay Tapudok, Aleosan, North Cotabato were injured after being attacked by an 'aswang'.

Reportedly, a big black cat appeared in the barangay and proceeded to bite four people, including a 4-year-old boy. The residents believe that this creature was an 'aswang.'

Hamida Kunting is a lady who claims she was bitten by the aswang. She told ABS-CBN reporter Arianne Apatan that the arm which was supposedly bitten by the aswang felt cold and painful. 

Many residents were terrified at the possibility that an aswang is be lurking in their village. Volunteers have since begun patrolling the barangay at night, to look for any sign of the aswang-cat. 


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