Watch: Awesome Version Of The Mannequin Challenge Done By Filipino Soldiers Goes Viral!


Trainee soldiers of the First Scout Ranger Regiment have unexpectedly gone viral after taking part in today’s latest craze – the Mannequin Challenge.

The video featured 10 SROC Malawi Class 86-16 trainees in Camp Tescon located in San Miguel, Bulacan. Lasting for almost two minutes, the video contained various scenes that showed the hardships that the soldiers-in-training had to endure. 

However as the video progresses, the scenes gradually became more comical and started showing a different side of the soldiers: their funnier and more endearing aspects.

The videographer behind the now viral video John Mark Gatchalian shared how they were able to conceptualize the scenes with the help and approval of various camp officials.

"Hindi kasi nila alam 'yung mannequin challenge kasi nasa training, walang internet... Mabilis naman nila na-gets," Gatchalian said.

"We thought of three scenes for the mannequin challenge: war, training and wacky scenes. We thought of thinking a wacky scene in the end because soldiers are always shown as being serious, not smiling. They can be fun too," he added.

"Nakaka-boost din ng morale...Ang kagandahan kasi, napapakita yung samahan namin," admits the drill instructor who handles the training.


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