Viral: This Video Will Prove How Disciplined Drivers In Davao City Are. Must Watch!


Davao City, President Rodrigo Duterte’s hometown and bailiwick, is garnering praises from netizens for its strict adherence to rules and regulations. 

A video was posted by a traveling duo named Dane Policarpio and Magnet Navales. The video showed how disciplined drivers in Davao City were, when all of them stopped before reaching the pedestrian lane. 

It came as a surprise to the tourists when one of them exclaimed “it's unnatural for us Manileños' to see such thing.” 

As the couple walked the streets of the city, they described how clean the surroundings were. The two even made comparisons between the streets of Manila and the streets of Davao. They claimed there were no cigarette butts littering the streets and noticed the distinct lack of foul-smelling odors. 

The video posted by the couple on their Facebook page has so far garnered about 22,000 likes, 21,000 shares and 733, 000 views.

Watch this video below:

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