Villagers Are Terrified Of This Old Lady And Her Tumor-Covered Body! They Call Her The 'Potato Woman!'


Straight out of the fiction stories is the way people of a Bangladeshi village look at an old woman who is covered in large tumors, earning the name “Potato Woman”. Shunned by the villagers, she now just wishes for life to end.

Hosinera Begum was born with a pimple on her upper lip and tiny bumps scattered along her face and neck. 

With tumors all across her body, some of which can grow bigger than a tennis ball, she has grown hopeless about her situation especially after she discovered that homeopathy, a treatment which slightly made her feel better, is extremely expensive. 

His son, 34 years old, cannot provide for continuous treatment.

“No one talks to me or meets me. People even turn around if they see me from a distance. Children are scared of me. Even my grandson who is only three sometimes cries when he sees me. I live like an outcast. I think the only way I can be freed from this pain is by death,” she says.

She has been living in torment for the past 30 years, and it has been all the more unbearable for her after her husband died because of depression. He was overcome by his inability to provide treatment for his wife.

Holding back tears, she said, “I have no hopes left. I have lived a tormented life. Now I want to be free from this pain and Only God can help me.”

Source: TNP , Dailymail

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