US Senator Commends President Duterte’s War On Drugs, Tells Americans To Respect Him and the Filipinos


Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has been subject of criticism from both the international community and his fellow countrymen. As a result of this, the media has also explicitly put their own biases when reporting about the President in an effort to bring him down.

One United States senator thought that all of that was wrong and said that people should respect the authority of President Duterte. 

Virginia State senator Richard Black said that the Americans, for one, should not attempt to intervene with the actions of the administration. 

In an interview with EIR Asia expert Mike Billington regarding President Rodrigo Duterte's war on drugs, Black said that "the people of the Philippines elected Rodrigo Duterte since they wanted law and order, and he gave it to them. They have chosen a very strong ruler." 

The former chief in the criminal law division of the Pentagon mentioned how he cleansed Davao City of much crime during his rule as the city’s mayor. He even said that the US should get inspiration from President Duterte’s drive to eradicate the drug problem of the Philippines.

Black also mentioned that the US is to blame for President Duterte’s decision to separate the Philippines from US ties because they should’ve dealt with the matter in a more sensitive manner. 

President Duterte has drug addicts surrendering to his administration by the hundreds of thousands, and he takes pride in the inevitable crimeless streets he advocated for during his campaign for presidency.

Watch the full interview here.

Source: TNP , YouTube

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