Drunk Man Rides A Taxi But Instead Of Going Home, He Was Brought To Jail Because Of This!


This poor drunken man couldn't be awakened by any means, so the taxi driver brought him to a police station!

In a report by Ernie Manio of ABS-CBN News, Michael Sabalo the taxi driver said the passenger flagged down the cab at Tordesillas St, Makati. After the passenger got in, he was immediately passed out - without so much as a word or directions to a residence. He was very clearly drunk.

Mr. Sabalo thought the safest thing to do was to bring the drunk passenger and his belongings to the nearest police station.

"Baka anong mangyari sa kanya o may mangyari sa mga gamit niya, tapos ako pagbintangan." Sabalo said.

When asked why Sabalo stayed with the intoxicated man after dropping him at the police station, the cab driver said that he had a duty to bring his passengers to their proper destinations.

The authorities finally managed to wake the slumbering passenger - only to find that that he was uncooperative and rowdy. The passenger, named Bulan, soon calmed down and was contacted by his friend via cellphone. The police spoke with the friend and was told that Bulan's sibling was informed of his predicament. 

Unfortunately Bulan was kept in the precinct even though his sibling had arrived to pick him up. This is due to the charges levied against him, such as non-payment and direct assault when he struck a police officer.

Watch this video by ABS-CBN for all the details.

Source: TNP, ABS-CBN

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