This Woman's Engagement Ring Photo Went Viral and Not For The Reason You Think! Read the Whole Story Here!


Weddings have become a billion dollar industry. Gone are the days when you could get married with little to no fanfare; nowadays, you have to have the pre-nup shoot, the save-the-date, the gifts for the entourage, the proposal video, and the list goes on and on. So when Ariel Desiree McRae told the story of her engagement ring on Facebook, the world couldn't help but click 'share' on her heartwarming story.

Ariel and her then-boyfriend never had enough money. Times were always tight for them but having each other helped them pull through. When you go through times like that, of course you can't help but think "Yeah. this person's the one." So after two years of dating, they decided to tie the knot.

They saved enough money to buy a pair of rings at a fashion jewelry store, Pandora. While they were paying for the items, one of the store clerks said, "Y'all can you believe that some men get these as engagement rings? How pathetic."  

Ariel saw her boyfriend's face fall and she calmly responded, "It isn't the ring that matters, it is the love that goes into buying one that is."



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