This Woman Who Looks Like A Corpse Suddenly Walks! Did She Really Rise From The Dead?


There are various tales about dead people rising from their graves. But we often only see these stories in movies and TV shows.

A video recently became viral featuring an allegedly deceased woman appearing to have 'risen from her grave' and be able to walk again after 3 years at rest, as claimed by the netizen who posted the video.

Netizens who have watched the video were divided on whether the story is true or not. 

It was set in a community in Indonesia called Toraja. It is inhabited by a group of people called with the same name.

The Torajas are an ethnic group of people indigenous to the mountains of South Sulawesi. They are famous for their peculiar funeral rites.

These people believe in reincarnation and that dead people can still have a chance to come back to life. 

In the video, we can see a woman's 'corpse' was being dugged from her grave during a Toraja ritual. She suddenly moved and walked after a few moments.

People who witnessed the miracle were left in awe of what just happened.

When the videos and photos of the corpse reached the internet, it created a storm of reactions. However, some believe that is was a case of leprosy mistaken for death by the people of Toraja. 


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