This Woman Made This Street Kid Cry! The Reason Will Surely Bring Tears To Your Eyes!


A street kid in Kenya did not expect that a woman he met along the road while he was begging for money would make him realize something so deeply that it brought tears to his eyes. Their inspiring story has gone viral and is all over social media today.

John Thuo is just one of the many street kids roaming the roads of Nairobi, Kenya everyday. Because of their social status, kids like John experience being looked down upon and being judged. However, John did something that proves social status is nothing compared to having a heart of gold.

The incident happened when John met a 32-year old woman named Gladys Kamande while he was begging for money from cars stuck in traffic. 

Gladys suffered from 'Pneumothorax', a condition that caused her lungs to collapse, making breathing difficult. Because of this, she has to rely on an oxygen concentrator, oxygen cylinders, and a generator to breathe properly. She also has to carry all her breathing supplies with her all the time. In addition, Gladys also underwent 12 surgeries. One of which damaged her optical nerve, causing her to be blind.

Gladys explained her situation to John. Upon learning of her experiences, John began to cry and realized that the woman is suffering just like him. John reached out for the woman's hand and prayed to God for her wellness. He also considered giving her the little money he had.



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