This Puppy Accidentally Made A Mess And Copied What His Master Usually Does After! Amazing!


Puppies can be very adorable but they can be hard work as well. 

21-year-old Acelin Hampton knows this well. He adopted Pablo 3-months ago yet he is still working hard to train him not to make a mess inside the house. 

In one instance, Hampton had to leave Pablo to a friend because of work. The friend said that Pablo tried to hold his bladder but he was unsuccessful and peed on the bathroom floor

But to Hampton's surprise upon arriving home, a pile of tissue was heaped on the bathroom floor! It turned out that Pablo had been observant after all and imitated what his master does with his mess. 

Hampton then shared the story on Facebook and netizens couldn't help but gush over the adorable Pablo.

This Puppy Made A Mess And Surprised His Master With What He Did Next. TOO CUTE!
Source: TNP, Littlethings

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