This Poisonous Chemical Is Part Of Our Everyday Lives, Poisoning Us And We Aren't Even Aware Of It!


Fabric softeners are one of the many products we use when washing clothes. It has become so common, many have forgotten to look into its effects and the risks it brings in the family's health and welfare.

According to research, contrary to the image portrayed by the marketing strategists of this fabric softeners, they are not all that comforting and fragrant. In fact, the risks behind these products are much bigger than what we pay for.

These fabric softeners often contain various chemicals and toxins which are very dangerous for the body. The chemical enters the body either through the skin or by inhalation.

These softeners have been proven to contain huge amounts of fragrance which clings to the clothes for a long period of time, an effect known as the "fragrance substantivity." Although the effect proves to be useful for making the fragrance last longer, certain toxic chemicals linger too, and they are as follows:

- This dangerous toxin was proven to cause dizziness, headaches, memory loss, numbness in the face, pain in the neck and spine and hunger.

Benzyl Acetate 
- This substance is also highly dangerous and has been proven to be linked to pancreatic cancer. The vapors of the substance may cause eye irritation, as well as for the respiratory passages. Also, this substance can be absorbed by the skin.

Benzyl Alcohol
- Benzyl Alcohol also causes various health problems such as nausea, headache, vomiting, dizziness, disorders in the central nervous system and a significant decrease in blood pressure.

- This strong carcinogenic neurotoxin has the power to cause nausea, headache, loss of consciousness, dizziness, drowsiness and even vomiting.

- This narcotic substance has the ability to cause problems in the body's respiratory. Also, it may be responsible for a person's loss of muscle coordination.

Due to these reasons, researchers advise the use of natural alternatives instead of fabric softeners for a more efficient and safe way for families to add fragrance without compromising one's health.

This Poisonous Chemical Is Part Of Our Everyday Lives, Poisoning Us And We Aren't Even Aware Of It!
Source: TNP, MinionScoop

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