This Old Man Scolded The Waitress Everyday. 7 Years After He Died, He Gave Something To Her

What you do to others will be done unto you. That is what we always say, but it's true. If we do something nice to other people,  surely a great reward will come in our way.  

This is what happened to Melina Salazar, a waitress in Luby restaurant, from Brownsville, Texas. Her good heart proved that good karma is indeed real.

Melina always greeted her customers with a smile on her face and with a good attitude. Her niceness towards her customers gave them such inspiration. But not for this old man, who was known to be Mr. Walter "Buck" Swords.

Mr. Swords seems to be the hardest customer. It seemed like he never appreciates how the waitress gave her service to the old man.

For 7 years, he always scolded the waitress every day. This 89-year-old man always complained,  but still, Melina served him with patience, a kind heart and warm greetings. She continued to give friendly words, even when the old granny gave her offensive words in return.

Until one day, Melina didn't saw that particular customer she saw every single day. Then she heard the sad news that Walter passed away.

The next day, Walter's lawyer came and he was looking for Melina. The lawyer told her about the good news. She was shocked for she really did not expect such kind of reward.

The lawyer then told her that the old man always told him stories about the good attitude of the waitress whom he scolded everyday. He even told her how much the old man looked forward to his visits to the restaurant. In return of her kind heart, the known rude customer gave her inheritance of USD $50, 000 and a car.

This is indeed an extraordinary story. We always need to remember that every good thing we do will always be rewarded in the most surprising way we never imagined.


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