This Cow Follows The Same Bus Every Day. The Reason Why Will Definitely Make You Angry!


A mother's love is unconditional. Surprisingly, this video proves that it also applies to animals. The video shows a cow following and bugging a commuters' bus. It turns out, reports say that it was the bus which killed her calf four years ago in a traffic accident

Citizens of Uttara Kannada district cannot help but be amazed by this odd scenario which they see everyday. The cow does not bother other vehicles. She is waiting in the same spot for the same bus and blocks it with all her might. The driver tried many tricks to stop the cow from doing the same thing. He even overhauled the bus and repainted the entire vehicle. However, the cow still recognizes the bus and continues with her fit of revenge.

The video already garnered 40thousand reactions and over 12 thousand shares.

Watch it below:

Source: TNP , Facebook

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