This City Jail Demands Inspecting The Private Parts Of Female Visitors To Visit Their Husbands In Jail! MUST WATCH!


This city jail has a really weird way of inspecting visitors who wanted to visit their loved ones. 

Body cavity search is the manual internal inspection for contrabands or prohibited materials on the visitors. 

Pasay City Jail has a different way of doing this inspection. The City jail imitates the kind of body search like in Malaysia. 

It involves a small platform with a small hole in the middle. There are also lights placed underneath the platform and a CCTV camera.

According to the investigation made by Bitag: New Generation, they said that "jail visitors are then asked to lie down naked in an awkward position on top of the platform." Jail guards also use this method in inspecting the private part of visitors to see if there are hidden prohibited materials such as cigarettes and illegal drugs.

Watch the video below!

Source: TNP, Bitag

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