This 7-Year-Old Child Is Trapped Inside Body Of An Old Man! What’s The Real Cause Of This? Find Out Here!


Children are typically filled with the vibrance of youth and have boundless energy. But this rare disease causes them to age rapidly, turning them into withered old husks. It's called Progeria

One of the few kids who suffers from Progeria is Mohammed Abdelmajeed. Despite being just 7 years old, he already looks like an old man. 

Mohammed said, as translated in the video, "When I'm outside, people look at me, they laugh at how I look, and I go back home and cry." His parents even removed all the mirrors inside their house to prevent the tantrums and outbursts he has every time he sees himself.

Aside from his physical deformities, he also suffers from fatigue, just like a regular old person.

According to the Progeria Research Foundation, Progeria is a genetic disorder that causes accelerated aging in children. It is rare, affecting only 1 in 20 million children.

Most children who have Progeria die from heart complications. The average life expectancy for children who have Progeria is 14 years.

Watch Mohammed's video here:

Source: TNP, Facebook

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