This 14-Year-Old Moved Judges To Tears With His Emotion-Filled Performance!


With a song written for and dedicated to his late younger brother, Fletcher Pilon was able to win the hearts of the judges of Australia’s Got Talent, even moving one of them to tears with his emotion-filled performance.

His brilliant delivery of the song dedicated to the memory of his young brother, who passed away due to a tragic skateboard accident just outside their home, won the hearts of the judges and the crowd alike.

Australia's Got Talent judges Sophie, Ian Dickson, Eddie Perfect and Kelly Osbourne were amazed by the 14-year-old’s original composition.

"I am going to play a song that I have written for my brother," he said. "His name is Banjo and he passed away about three and a half months ago."

"He was 10-years-old and four years younger than me," he shared.

Watch the full video below and tell us what you think!

Source: TNP, Elitenewsfeed

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