This 13-Foot Snake Swallowed A Whole Kangaroo! WATCH HERE!


Afraid of snakes? Well many stories would surely justify our fear of reptiles. Like this one, which was witnessed by golfers who were playing nearby.

According to the witnesses, a 13-foot snake appeared out of nowhere and attacked a wallaby, an Australian Kangaroo. The fight went for 30 minutes but in the end, the snake was able to swallow the kangaroo, WHOLE!

According to reports, it was first spotted in Far North golf course in Paradise Palms, Cairns, Australia.

“The python swallowed it and rolled into the creek, then snuck back into the bush. It must have gone for a rest for the next few days,” says Robert Wilemse, one of the golfers who witnessed the scene.

He admits that he always see snakes in the golf course but this is the biggest he had ever seen saying: “I have a good look when I play a golf ball near the swamp, but I will be thinking about that again, because that is a big beast." 


Source: TNP , YouTube

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