These Muslims Give Away 10 Tons Of Food To The Needy This Christmas!


Christmas is celebrated with love and generosity around the world, a time for celebrating the birth of Christ; a testament to Christian salvation. Christmas is deeply rooted in Christianity, yet these Muslims didn't miss out on the chance to share and help out during this merry season. 

Often misjudged as terrorists and blind followers of their faith, this group of Muslims proved that their belief is not founded on violence but on compassion.

The Muslims from the East London Mosque organized a Big Food Drive through the help of their 7,500 strong Muslim Congregation; giving away bags of groceries that contained food to the homeless. 

These Muslims Broke Stereotypes and Gave Out Food and Help for The Homeless and Needy This Christmas

One of their leaders stated that they wanted to help out during Christmas time because it was the middle of winter and they wanted to help and make sure that the homeless people would be able to feed themselves and survive the cold. 

The charity group Crisis handled the distribution of the goods. More than 90% of the recipients were not Muslim.


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