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Cats are oddly entertaining. Their peculiar habits and cute gestures have made them one of the most sought after pets. However, some cats have proven that they are more than just cute but are also surprisingly intelligent. 

This cat proves that, when trained, they can do a lot more than just chasing after a ball of yarn.

Researchers at Animal Planet discovered that some feline breeds show consistent intelligence. Check out the list below:

1) Siamese
They originally hail from Thailand and are one of the most popular breed of cats. It is believed that they had been trained to guard valuables in ancient times and they are noted for intelligence, playfulness and affectionate nature.

2) Balinese
Hailing from the Isle of Bali, they usually have a lean, muscular body and a plump tail. They are known for their high intelligence which adapts to their owner's mood. 

3) Bengal
Bengals were bred from Asian leopard cats and domestic cats. Due to their wild blood, they are constantly curious and alert. They are also highly intelligent, enough to know how to swim.

4) Havana Brown
They are usually medium in length and very muscular. They are also known for being highly alert are ideal companions. However, they have a high need for attention.

5) Colorpoint Shorthair
They are a product of breeding Siamese cats in the 1940’s in order to produce non-traditional colors. They have long, lean bodies and playful personalities. They are also known for being quite intelligent and very affectionate.

Check out another video of an intelligent cat below:

Source: TNP, NTD

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