These Incredible Sights Have Been in China for Thousands of Years But We Just Discovered Them Now!


French cave explorer, Jean Poutasi, shared to Chinadaily that he just found "the world's most beautiful sinkhole."

Last Thursday, the local government of Shaanxi disclosed that there were 49 sinkholes around their area and for about four months, the land resources department of Shaangxi was able to oversee 5,000-square-kilometer region of the sinkhole. 

What is a sinkhole?

According to an expert from U.S. Geological Survey, Randall Orndoff: "a sinkhole is basically any collapsed or bowl-shaped feature that's formed when a void under the ground creates a depression into which everything around it drains."

The sinkholes were located at Hanzhong which is northwest of Shaanxi province.

Scientist also confirmed that there were rare plants and giant flying squirrels with red fur found in the newly discovered sinkhole.

If these massive sinkholes have been here for at least hundreds or maybe thousands of years, what undiscovered places can we find in the coming years?

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