These Foreign Kids Tried Filipino Food For The First Time Their Reactions Were Adorable!


Food highly reflects culture.

All cultures have signature dishes that reflect their beliefs, their practices and their geography. It's simple – if you want to immerse yourself within a culture, you’ve got to taste their cuisine.

These American kids were up to the challenge. They tried Filipino food for the first time. Some of the signature dishes that made it to the list were Dilis, Crispy Pata and Dinuguan. These food items typically complement each other.

Some of the kids found the Dilis tolerable, but when it came to Dinuguan, most of them freaked out. One kid even guessed it as "blended dirt".

Another dish that was in the food tasting was 'Balut' or duck's egg, one of the more exotic Filipino foods. Most of the kids described it as gross.

The last one was "Taho" or a combination of tofu, tapioca and milk, popular to Filipino kids. While some kids found it interesting, others were confused by the combination.

Netizens loved the video and couldn’t help but gush over the kids' reactions! It has already garnered over 86,000 reactions and 76,000 shares.

Watch it below:

Source: TNP, Facebook

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