SHOCKING: These Filipina Teenagers Took Boxing Into The Streets and It Was Brutal!


A video showing Filipinas without gloves in a street boxing match shocked the online community.

Instead of intervening to prevent someone from getting hurt, a crowd of young men can be seen cheering and encouraging the two girls to fight. A few moments later, the woman in the green shirt lost via knock out by a brutal punch from her opponent.

Many netizens rebuked the crowd for allowing the girls to physically hurt each other.

“Mga lalake ngayon imbis na protektahan ang mga babae ay sila pa magpahamak,” an angry netizen said.

But there are others who were actually impressed!

“May pang palit na tayo kay Manny Pacquiao, tumatanda na kasi,” a social media user said in jest.

Source: TNP , Kami

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