These Children Were Presented With Two Gifts, But They Can Only Pick One. Their Choice Will Make You Teary-eyed! Watch Here


It is easy to get distracted by all the material things that one gets and must give during the holiday season, as it is a time of sharing and making other people happy. However, it is also easy to lose sight of the real essence of the Filipino Christmas, which is family and giving as Christ himself did first.

An experiment was set-up by UP TV to find out just how family-oriented kids are today. 83% of their participants came from families with low incomes, and some could not even get a Christmas tree

The people behind the camera asked them what they wanted for Christmas, and they did not even take a minute to answer. They said XBOX 360, Lego Bricks, doll houses, etc, and others. 

However, after that, they were asked what they think they their parent's want for Christmas.

They were to choose only one thing: the thing they wanted, or the thing their family member might want to receive. 

The kids take a few moments to decide, gloomily looking back and forth between the gift options. Finally, one by one, each of them solemnly and generously picks the gift for his or her parents.  

When asked why he did not choose his favorite toy, one boy said: Because Legos don't matter,' the boy responds, seeming quite sure of himself. 'Your family matters. Not Legos, not toys. Your family. So, it's either family or Legos, and I choose family.

After that, they got the surprise of their lives when they were given both of their gifts for their big hearts.

Source: TNP, Youtube

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