These 7 Signs Will Tell You If Your Marriage Is Falling Apart! Watch Out For #4!


Marriage is a life-long commitment. 

That is why, lovers should get to know each other very well before deciding to tie the knot. That way, incidents of divorce and cheating can be minimized.

Do you feel like your marriage is about to hit rock bottom? You can still save it if you take action now. 

Watch out for these signs that can tell if you and your partner are slow dancing in a burning room:

1. The couple should not have married in the first place
They say that you'll only know a person once you live with them. Most married couples suffer from incompatible attitudes and values that often lead to divorce. You must accept your partner’s flaws and understand where they are coming from.

2. Expectation problems
High expectations will often cause disappointment in the future. Because of this, many couples fight and end up being unhappy. Prevent this with minimal and realistic expectations.

3. Abuse
Physical, verbal and emotional abuse are deplorable and should never be tolerated.

4.  Sex-less marriage
Couples typically avoid talking about this problem because they are too shy to discuss it. Lack of sex might lead to discontent and often leads to extra-marital affairs.

5. Financial problems
Bad financial decisions cause many arguments and fights between couples. Lack of communication worsens this particular problem. 

6. Lack of communication
A marriage that does not have open lines of communication will most likely fall apart. Couples should be willing to listen and understand the different sides of an argument. Failing to do so will severely damage the relationship.

7. Cheating
Like #4, when one is no longer satisfied, he/she tends to search for a number two. Infidelity is arguably the most common cause of broken marriages. Couples should do their best to remain faithful to each other as much as possible.

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