This is the Reason Why Up Dharma Down Vocalist Armi Millare is Afraid To Sing Tadhana!


The song 'Tadhana' by the band Up Dharma Down is a modern OPM classic.

However, when Michael V. decided to make a parody of the song, it became the talk of the town and the fans responded to it positively.

But this is what vocalist Armi Millare has to say. “Afraid to sing Tadhana tonight I might just end up singing Tadyakan,” she said.

When a netizen asked her is she was offended of the parody, she said: “Not offensive at all. My Mom would be the first to tell me if it were, but so far she’s still laughing about it! But also happy to understand your brand of respect for the song…. I believe times are hard and this is a crucial time for the entertainment industry to (intelligently) put their craft to use. Michael V has always been testament to that.”

Her fans lauded her humility and how she took the parody video.

Watch it below:

Source: TNP , YouTube

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