Surprised Dad Takes Picture Of His Innocent Toddler Holding His Santa Claus Chocolate, Then He Notices Something Nasty About It!


A mischievous father took a picture of his 2-year old son while he was holding a huge piece of Cadbury chocolate shaped like something which is rather inappropriate to be eating head first. 

It was only while his son was going at the chocolate that he realized what it looked like. 

Hailing from the land of The Reds in Liverpool, England, Col Talbot took the photo and tweeted about it, much to the amusement of many Twitter users. Be the judge of this ill-shaped 50-gram piece of chocolate.

When he uploaded the image online, he wrote the caption: “Hi @CadburyUK, my little lad loves your chocolate but I think your chocolate Santa Claus cast needs some work!!!”

Mr Talbot said that he didn’t realize what it looked like until he took the picture, and that it looked “unfortunate” from the side.”
After tweeting the photo, the post got more than 1,300 retweets in less than 24 hours, and has gotten tons of reactions from people of all over the world.

One Twitter user, @JohnRWileys1, wrote: 'Omg that's f****** hilarious' while @ChopShopBoys added: 'WHAT THE HELL?' 

A Cadbury spokesman said: 'We can assure consumers that our Cadbury Dairy Milk Hollow Santa is a clear representation of the classic Santa we all know and love.'

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