Shocking Video of a Teenage Girl Stripped and Beaten By A Group of Girls! You Won't Believe How Far They Bully Her!


Bullying is a problem many of us have encountered growing up, especially in school. Some of us remember that one person who made us miserable or perhaps know someone else who endured similar maltreatment. Sometimes there's more than one bully. 

In all cases, it often means the victims are forced into silence, leaving them feeling alone. Naturally, this dissuades other children from getting involved, for fear of reprisal from the bullies. 

So what happens if a whole group of people is out to get you?

A 15-year-old Chinese girl from Lingao in the Hainan region was caught on tape suffering numerous forms of harassment from a group of girls. 

The video begins with a group of girls pulling on the poor teenager's clothes as she sits helplessly on the ground. Apparently, before the incident, the girls and the victim were engaged in an argument. 

The victim tried to protect her face and cover herself as the girls surrounded her. Many of the girls took turns kicking and punching the defenseless girl as she tried to keep her clothes on.

Source: TNPViral4Real

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