Fisherman Found Dead in His Hut After Eating 'Buteteng Isda'! Shocking!

Everyone is advised to be careful of eating puffer fish after a 61-year-old fisherman was found dead inside his hut last Friday. He lived in Barangay Dardarat, Cabugao, Ilocos Sur and was identified as David Garcia. According to reports, Garcia had a white discharge seeping out of his mouth when authorities found him. 

Crisanto Galamgam, one of his friends, shared that they had a drinking session the night before and had grilled 'buteteng isda' (puffer fish) as their 'pulutan'. He also noted that Garcia ate the fish's liver. 

"Parang nanginginig daw 'yung bibig niya kaya 'yun, wala naman siyang ibang sinabi nung naghiwa-hiwalay kami, maliban doon sa matutulog na raw siya baka sakaling mawala at pupunta siya sa lamay ng kaibigan namin," Galamgam shared. 

He is believed to have died because of the poison that can be found in the fish's bile. 

SHOCKING! Fisherman Was Poisoned By a 'Buteteng Isda' and Died!
Source: TNP , ABS-CBN

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