SHOCKING: Beautiful Pilot And Model's Video Surfaces After Her First Flight Crashed In Colombia!


Heart-breaking footage of the female co-pilot, who was a model and part of the aviation team for the Brazilian football team Chapecoense, surfaced online and sent chills down the collective spines of netizens. 

The video revealed her final words from the cockpit of the doomed aircraft. The footage showed her talking about how proud she was of being given the opportunity to transport the team.

Sisy Arias, 29 years old, who was in her first flight as a civilian co-pilot, was one of the 71 who died on board the  jet which was set to fly for Medellin, Colombia , but crashed into a mountain en route. 

La Mia Flight 2933 plummeted into a mountainside shortly after declaring an electrical failure on Tuesday

The team, FC Chapecoense was headed for their championship match against Copa Sudamericana final in Medellin. The team switched planes last minute because they were not allowed by Brazilian authorities to travel in a charter that was not Brazilian or Colombian-owned. 

Only 6 people survived, including 4 players. However, after being rescued, the goal keeper of FC Chapecoense died in the hospital

Source: TNP, Dailymail

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