She Sent A Message For Help To The Wrong Person, But She Did Not Expect That This Will Happen To Her


Who believes in Christmas miracles? Amy Rickel does.

So what made her Christmas special this year? Her faith in God, love for her kids, and a GoFundMe account created by her new "accidental" friend.

A mother of three, Amy had a tough year. She moved to Green Bay, Wisconsin in a hotel room for her kids to be closer to their father but she became homeless without a job in the process.

After she ran out of money to pay for the rent, she moved to her own car. Bt she seems to be out of luck, and the car broke down. The only choice she has for her kids is to move to local shelters, but they were included in a three-month waiting list.

Desperate for herself and her kids, she reached out to her friends on Facebook and texted some friends for some help and prayers. She wrote a message for her friend Brian but ended up sending it to a stranger with the same name.

She quickly apologized to the new Brian -- Brian Van Boxtel after she realized her mistake. But Brian took it as a mission for him this holidays.

"What would Jesus do, right?" he said to the reporter of Fox 5 Las Vegas.

In her surprise, this Brian did not just disregard her wrongly sent message. What happened to her prayers are not just granted but it became a miracle for her.

Brian set up a GoFundMe account for Amy and her kids. The goal for the account is to reach $2,000 and so far, it has reached $1,420. He also linked Amy to a local medical clinic in order for her to get a job.

Amy was speechless that she found new friends who would raise her from the bottom. She could not thank her new friends enough and the blessings she got from God.

It was indeed a happy holidays for her now.

Source: TNP, Littlethings

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