Sen. Sotto To UN On On Death Penalty: What About Other Asian Countries? Sa Philippines Lang Sila Concerned?


Senator Tito Sotto took to his Twitter account his criticism against the United Nations after the global union warned the government that reinstating death penalty would be a violation of international laws.

Sotto, who is one of the advocates of reinstating death penalty, said that UN should focus on more important problems in neighboring Asian countries than focusing on the Philippines.

“UN worried about d return of Death Penalty in Phil? What about Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand? Sa Phil lang sila concerned?” Sotto tweeted.

Contrary to what Sotto said, UN has been doing charity works in Indonesia, Malaysia, and recently Myanmar for the Rohingyans refuge.

Several months ago, the TV host and senator said that he’s neutral on the proposal to revive the death penalty in the Philippines because he saw innocent people imprisoned.

But now, he was determined to bring it in the Philippines where illegal drugs were already a big problem.

Despite the huge disapproval of the Catholic Church, the Lower House was determined to pass the death penalty bill before the year ends as a "Christmas gift."

United Nations warned Philippine Congress that they would violate the pact if they restore the death penalty.

In various academic studies, death penalty was proven ineffective for crime deterrence, as 88% of criminologists said that it is far from being effective in preventing criminals from doing criminal acts.

Sen. Sotto To UN On On Death Penalty: What about other asian countries? Sa Philippines lang sila concerned?
Source: TNP, PinoyTrending

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