'Running for President was a Mistake' Duterte Complains to MVP.


Despite the allegations that President Duterte is preparing to declare Martial Law in his term, he once again debunked the rumor. In a speech, he shared that he told bigtime businessman Manny Pangilinan some of his complains as a President. 

He delivered the speech in The Outstanding Young Men and Women of 2016 and stated: "Kung ayaw na talaga ninyo, I am ready to step down. Walang problema sa akin iyan. I have no illusions about power and about the presidency. May binulong nga ako kay sir Manny Pangilinan. Sabi niya, 'Kamusta?' But sabi ko, 'If I have to go back in time, I would have not committed the same mistake.' Totoo iyon," he said, explaining that he is just waiting for the Congress to push for Federalism and by then he would be willing to step down if needed.

Pangilinan, known to be the owner of one of the biggest conglomerate in the country and the chairman of T.O.Y.M Foundation, Inc., was seated beside the President during the event.

Meanwhile, the President continued to rant over the President's salary which isn't enough for his two families, according to him.

'Running for President was a Mistake' Duterte Complains to MVP.
Source: TNP GMANetwork

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