Robin Padilla Shares Their First 'Family Picture'! Must See!


Technology paved the way for the Padilla family to have their first 'family picture' together despite being oceans apart. On his Instagram account, action star Robin Padilla shared a picture of him, with his wife Mariel and their daughter Isabella. This was their first family photo “together”. 

Because of VISA issues Robin is still unable to fly to America to be with his family. Despite being in the Philippines while his family is in the US, Robin still managed to capture their perfect moment via webcam.

Mariel had to receive extra care due to her delicate pregnancy while she was carrying Isabella so she had to fly to the USA. Since then, the Padilla family communicated mostly online. Robin even shared a video on his Instagram account showing the moment baby Isabella was born.

Meanwhile, Robin's in-laws are the ones who have been taking care of Mariel and Isabella since the two stayed out of the country. Mariel's father, Abellardo Termulo, was the one who cut Isabella's umbilical cord. Robin thanked them for being his substitute.
Source: TNP , Kickerdaily

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