Researchers Discover 2000-Year-Old Lead Tablets Which Allegedly Contain First Mention Of Jesus!


Back in the year 2008, Hassan Saeda, an Israeli Bedouin, discovered a set of lead tablets which contains the earliest alleged portrait of Jesus Christ. The 'pages' have been bound together with a ring, and it was also established that the material used for the tablets are indeed ancient lead.

In a press statement, researchers said: "While there may be variations in decay and corrosion that depend upon the environmental conditions in which the objects were stored or hidden, there is a strong underlying theme of decay from within the metal. It is oxidising and breaking down at atomic level to revert to its natural state. This is not witnessed in lead objects that are several centuries old and is not possible to produce by artificial acceleration (e.g. through heating).This provides very strong evidence that the objects are of great age, consistent with the studies of the text and designs that suggest an age of around 2000 years."

After further analyzing the item, researchers suggested that Jesus was not starting a new religion when he walked the earth, but was planning on reviving King David's kingdom which was established another thousand years ago before Jesus was born

The codices written in the tablet are believed to be in the language of Paleo-Hebrew. Some of the names mentioned inside were Jesus, James, Peter and John

Researchers then claimed: 'The codices appear to reveal what happened afterwards - a chapter missing from the gospels

'It would appear that Christianity was founded upon what Jesus did in the temple: a place where many Jews believed God actually resided. Jesus went into the Temple to renew a covenant with God.'


Source: TNP DailyMail , YouTube

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