'Pwede i-report to sa DSWD!' Netizens Slam Claudine Barretto For Trimming Baby's Eyelashes!


Recently, Claudine Barretto went virl after she posted this video on her Instagram accound last Wednesday, December 7. The video shows her trimming the eyelashes of a baby girl. According to her, the baby is her 'inaanak/niece". The caption goes: 

"Yes yes i believe in the Gupit pilik mata para humaba. 2 sessions nalang with my Inaanak/Niece ELLIE AMPONG CHICANO"

However, many netizens claimed that the said practice has no scientific basis. Many netizens were angered and noted that it is a dangerous thing to do especially it involved a big scissor.

One netizen even noted: "“This so wrong! Why? Abuse. Pwedi e report to sa DSWD,”


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