Presidential Sister Jocellyn Duterte Gives A Message To VP Leni Robredo: 'Buti Pa Ang Buang May Gamot, Pero Bobo Wala'


Aside from the Duterte Die-Hard Supporters (DDS), President Rodrigo Duterte's sister has his back whenever his administration encounters criticism.

Presidential sister Jocellyn Duterte recently posted a message for Vice President Leni Robredo on her Facebook account on December 9.

Knowing that Robredo is one of the people opposing some of her brother's policies, Jocellyn compared the vice president to a deodorant. 

"Ms. Robredo, dimo pa rin ba ma gets na ginagamit ka lang ng mga yellowtards na 'deodorant'," she wrote.

"Sa ngayon puro ka dada. Wala naman katuturan. Buti pa ang buang may gamot, pero bobo wala."


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