President Duterte: 'I’m not a killer; I believe in God, in karma.'


President Duterte once again addressed the issue of extrajudicial killings during a speech he delivered in The Outstanding Filipino Awards for 2016 held in Malacañang. He attempted to deny allegations of his involvement in EJKs after a New York Times' article detailed the staggering amount of casualties in his bloody war on drugs – reporting that more than 5,000 people have been executed within the last five months. 

“I am not a killer. I do not relish or enjoy a Filipino sprawled there with all the blood,” Duterte claims. 

“I do not want you to die, that is not my order,” he added, explaining that he never encouraged killing drug suspects. 

This statement conflicts with his earlier pronouncements wherein he said: “Hitler massacred three million Jews ... there’s three million drug addicts. There are. I’d be happy to slaughter them.”

“I leave it to you to sort it out (for yourselves), I can’t explain everything in this country," he said, trying to wash his hands of the blood.

He also noted that he is religious, has a deep faith in God and believes in "Karma". This also contradicts his sentiments about the Catholic Church and its doctrines when he said. “Those were written 3,000 years ago.  Ano ba pakialam natin sa kanilang sinulat?”

He shared that he is bothered every time he approves the purchase of guns and bullets because he knows that these would be used against fellow Filipinos. This sentiment once again contradicts an earlier statement he made when he said: “You destroy my country, I’ll kill you. And it’s a legitimate thing. If you destroy our young children, I will kill you.” 

However, he refused to back down from the drug war saying: “It is a harsh one but somebody has to be crucified for it, that is part of the territory.” 

“Even if Congress will give me carte blanche to kill everybody, I will not have the time nor the bullets to do it. I would like to get advice. What should I do? I really want to cry. I feel as if I can’t do it.” he added. 

It seems that Duterte’s inconsistencies are the only thing consistent about him.

President Duterte: 'I’m not a killer; I believe in God, in karma.'
Source: TNP , Inquirer

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