Prepare For What Could Be 2017's Most Horrifying Movie - The Autopsy Of Jane Doe!


There is still roughly a few more weeks till 2016 goes to the history books, yet it looks like there is so much to anticipate already for 2017; a new start, new adventures, new shows and of course, new movies!

"The Autopsy Of Jane Doe" may be 2017's Most Horrifying Movie and it is already prepared to give everyone the creeps and kick start our 2017s.

The movie stars Emile Hirsch, Olwen Kelly and Brian Cox in a spine-chilling story that revolves around the beautiful corpse of a young woman, a late-night autopsy, a mortuary team and a horrifyingly weird story behind the death.

Nothing can prepare you for this, watch!

The brilliant horror movie was André Øvredal's fine work, to be released in the early 2017 and with a limited release before the year ends on December 2016.

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