Pope Francis Bought His Shoes In A Pharmacy And His Humble Act Shocked The World! WATCH HERE!


Pope Francis continues to set himself apart from other popes as he was recently seen buying his own shoes among ordinary citizens. This happened last December 20, where Pope Francis personally went to a Vatican pharmacy and bought a pair of shoes. He had to buy orthopedic shoes to relieve his condition called chronic sciatica.

The pharmacy workers were too happy to see the Pope and never imagined that they would ever see the religious icon up close. Many citizens immediately took their phones and snapped photos of him. Some even dared to have selfies. A netizen named Martina Duarte even posted a video showing how Pope Francis blessed a crucifix owned by one of the Pharmacy workers

Many netizens were in awe of how the leader of over 1.2 billion Catholic devotees would do his own errand. The post already garnered 4.2 thousand reactions. 


Source: TNP, Kickerdaily

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