A Policeman In Thailand Dressed Up As A Woman To Capture Robbers Who Were Victimizing Women!


An alarming number of women were being robbed while riding public transportation in Bangkok, Thailand. To solve this particular problem, local cops tried an interesting strategy.

How did they catch the thief? 

Pol. Sgt. Maj. Wiwek Kamolwin disguised himself as a woman. He wore a wig and a presentable blouse. He has also brought a wallet that would attract thieves and then waited at the bus stop in Rattanathibet Road.

His plan actually worked! It was quite unusual but effective nonetheless. 

As he was waiting at the bus stop, he spotted two men riding a motorcycle. The men probably noticed something was off so they hurriedly left the area.

Unfortunately for the suspects, Kamolwin was able to get their plate numbers and it matched the ones the thieves were reportedly using. 

The thieves were then arrested in a follow-up operation conducted by the authorities.

Reports in Coconuts Bangkok reported Kamolwin’s family was surprised to see him on the news disguised as a woman. 

Straight Out of ‘Ang Probinsyano!’ A Cop Dressed Up As A Woman In Order To Catch A Thief!

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