PNP Chief Bato Accuses Reporter Of Discrediting Him In Public. Watch the Videos Here!

PNP Chief General Ronald 'Bato' Dela Rosa accused reporter Mariz Umali of discrediting him in public during a press conference.

This happened while PNP Chief Dela Rosa was presenting the two suspects who confessed that they were behind placing the improvised explosive devices found near the US Embassy.

Mariz Umali, reporter for GMA News, then questioned Dela Rosa about Kerwin Espinosa's statement that he did not backtrack on his testimony against Albuera Police Chief Jovie Espenido.

"Sino nag sabi na hindi niya binawi?" said PNP Chief Bato 
"Nakausap mo? Sinong reporter yun? Mahirap yan, you are trying to discredit me in public." He added, incensed.

"Magiging [it’s] Kerwin's word or your reporter's word against my word." he added.


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