Pinoy Fishermen Rescued By Chinese Coastguard Close To Scarborough Shoal


Last Friday, Filipino fishermen were rescued by China's coastguard after their boat capsized near the disputed Scarborough shoal. 

According to a Philippine Coast Guard official, a Philippine vessel was en route to collect the two fishermen from the Chinese authorities. This marked the first time, in over four years, that both countries' coastguards came close to each other at Scarborough Shoal. The last time was in June 2012, where the Philippine coastguard attempted to arrest Chinese fishermen poaching at the shoal.

Since then Scarborough or "Panatag" Shoal became the center of the sovereign deputes between Philippines and China. The Philippines submitted a case to the Permanent Court of Arbitration which it won. The ruling was that Scarborough Shoal was under no country's jurisdiction and nearby countries were entitled to it's natural resources.

Ignoring the ruling, China created a blockade on the shoal which prevented Filipino fishermen from entering.

Coast Guard spokesman Commander Armand Balilo said: "As we speak, the Chinese vessel is linking up with our own ship to turn over the two Filipino fishermen" 

This joint rescue operation between China and the Philippines signals an ease in the tension between both countries

In October President Rodrigo Duterte met with Chinese leader Xi Jinping at Beijing twice to discuss the relationship between both countries.
Source: TNP GMA

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