Pig-Like Toddler Has Gone Viral and Is Scaring Netizens! Must Watch!


This baby will surely scare you and make you think twice.

A video that contains footage of a pig-like infant has been circulating on Facebook. The baby has the face of a human but her nose and ears are that of a pig’s. 

She even had a cute tail behind her.

As the baby smiled with her googly eyes, the hands holding the baby casually twisted and turned it like a doll, much to the horror of the netizens who and watched the video. 

The video went viral and now has more than 2.4 million views on Facebook and over 6,500 shares on the original post.

“What kind of satanic creepy fest is this?” one Facebook user said in complete disgust of the video. 

Another netizen expressed her sympathy and wished that people understood how she looks.

Turns out, the piggy-like baby was just a realistic-looking doll – completely lifeless. This left the netizens who commented on the video like it was a real human being embarrassed.

Source: TNP , Facebook

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