This Pervert Was Taking Advantage Of A Sleeping Passenger And Unexpectedly Did This!


A very disturbing video clip was uploaded online featuring a man caught on camera taking video of another passenger's cleavage.

The video showed how the male commuter stared at the cleavage of a sleeping woman inside a public vehicle.

Not contented with just staring, the man decided to take his phone out and take a video.

The sad part is that the one who's taking video of the pervert man while doing the act didn't confront him for his dirty deed.

Many people commented at this and here are some:

“Kailangan mo ng dasal o kaya therapy para mabago mo yang ugali mo. Sana next time mahuli ka ng binobosohan mo,” one netizen said.

Another concerned netizen commented and said, “Kapag natutulog sa jeep, pwede ka mabosohan pati manakawan,” saying that it's risky to sleep inside public vehicles.

Source: TNP, Kami

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