PBB Housemate Tanner Saw Yassi Pressman in Person for the First Time and His Reaction Was Priceless! Must Watch!


A mermaid needs some saving.

PBB Housemate Tanner won Aling Ursing's challenge, which led to ‘Kuya’ giving him a special task.

At the confession room, ‘Kuya’ asked Tanner about his morning and Tanner replied, "Humming. I thought it was a good song." 

Then ‘Kuya’ told him about his task: save the mermaid.

Expecting the mermaid to be beautiful, Tanner fixed himself up before facing the task at hand. Looking fine and fresh, Tanner was now ready to do some saving. Little did he know that the mermaid that he needed to save was ‘YASSIrena.’ 

Yassi Pressman was the surprise guest in PBB and when Tanner saw her he was just awestruck by her beauty. 

During his interview with ‘Kuya’, Tanner said, "Sobrang maganda," when he referred to Yassi. He also said that she was energetic.

Yassi wasn’t allowed to speak, except to say “La”, so she had to use gestures to communicate with Tanner.

"Para po siyang mannequin, maputi tapos hindi po siya tan," Yassi told ‘Kuya’.

"Matipuno, malapad yung shoulders, matangkad," she added.

Their chemistry with each other seemed undeniable. Could this lead to Tanner being Yassi’s new leading man?

Watch the whole segment below:

Source: TNP , ABS-CBN

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