PBB Housemate Aura Starts Gay Rumors About Wil Beacuse He Rejected Her!


After being rejected, PBB Housemate Aura started spreading rumors that Wil is gay because of"signs" she recently discovered. After the beach party, Aura shared her "discovery" with two of the housemates and Big Brother.

She told Big Brother that it's confirmed [that Wil is gay] because "Number one, hindi daw siya nagka-girlfriend. Number two, sobrang sobrang concious niya sa katawan niya."

She told the two housemates that in one of their parlor games, Wil couldn't look her in the eye when she said, "I know your secret." 

"Feeling ko po may posibilidad na never magkakagusto sakin si Wil, hindi niya type ang babae in general," Aura told Big Brother.

Baninay asked Cora if Wil dated other girls before. Cora told Baninay that Wil doesn't go out much because he works a lot. Cora's not sure if Wil even dates other girls outside the House.

But when Baninay told Cora that Wil was suspected to be gay, Cora answered: "Ah! Hindi naman. Alam ko parang gusto niya babae. Feeling ko lang. Pero alam mo sira din yung pang amoy ko."

Source: TNP, ABS-CBN

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