Passenger Files A Complaint Against A Grab Driver After He Harassed Her And You Will Not Believe What The Police Chief Said!


On Wednesday morning, a passenger filed a complaint after a Grab driver allegedly harassed her.

"Noong una, okay naman, tapos nakatulog ako. Tapos nung malapit na samin, nagsalita siya, 'Dito na tayo.' Tapos pagkadilat ko, yung lips niya atsakaya lips ko magkadikit na," Maine (not her real name) said. 

According to 'Maine', she was headed home to Caloocan coming from Manila after a night out with her friends. She fell asleep and then when she woke up, the driver's lips were pressed against hers.

The driver, Jonathan Santos, said that he'll waive her fare if she will not file a complaint against him. Undeterred, Maine still went to the police station and reported the incident.

Unfortunately, the police chief in charge of the precinct where Maine filed the complaint blamed her, the victim, for the incident. 

"Dapat po laging gising, kasi at least maiwasan natin whatever incident. Kasi tulad nun, nakatulog siya, pag gising niya, hinaikan na siya ng driver. We will make sure na mapatawag din kung sino yung may ari ng Grab taxi na yun," Police Chief Insp. Moner Orang, station commander of Police Community Precinct 2 in Caloocan, said.

Maine getting sexually assaulted was bad enough, but the police chief in charge of her case blaming her for the incident is cause for concern for everyone who has ever been victimized by sexual assault. 

Due to trauma, Maine is now afraid of booking her trips with Grab. 

Brian Cu, Head of Grab Philippines released a statement via text stating: "Grab believes in due process and should the driver be found guilty after investigations, we will immediately ban him from the platform and blacklist him with LTFRB." 

According to Cu, Grab will be supporting Maine if she will pursue the complaint against Santos.

Cu also said the public should be prejudiced about their service and "discount the good work [of] other Grab drivers" based on an "isolated incident."
Source: TNP , ABS-CBN

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