Old Man Was Shot By Police While Watching A Movie In A 'Piso Net' Station! Is This What 'Safe' Really Looks Like?


This CCTV footage went viral: it shows an old man accidentally shot by the police while he was watching a movie in a 'piso net' station.

The unidentified old man was with two bystanders when suddenly a group of police running after another man passed them by. In the video, it can be seen that police tried to gun down the man they were running after but a bullet was shot towards the direction of the old man instead. 

Moments after, the old man fell to the ground after he saw blood coming out from him. The CCTV footage also caught the policeman returning back the gun he used in his pocket. After some moments, they helped the old man get up and treated his wounds.

The comment section of the video was bombarded with hate comments from enraged netizens who are disappointed with what happened to the old man who was just entertaining himself. Many of the netizens questioned the credibility of the country's 'safety' in relation to the administration's war against illegal drugs

Recently, stories of people who were victims of stray bullets from the administration's campaign against drugs went viral. Discussion of the matter are still ongoing in and outside the social media community.

Watch the full video here:

Source: TNP, Facebook

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