Ogie Alcasid's Daughter With Former Wife to Live in the Philippines Next Year! Will She Join Showbiz, Too? Read Here to Find Out!


Ogie Alcasid's 19-year-old daughter with former Miss Australia 1994 Michelle Van Eimeren announced this on her blog last December 4.

According to Leila's blog post, she will stay with her father to have more bonding time.

“As of January 2017, I will be living and learning and growing in Manila, bonding with my wonderful family that so far I have only gotten to see every few months.While I'll miss my beautiful mother, step-father and sister back home, comfort lies in the fact that travelling is our thing; i.e. I know they'll visit soon enough and join me in relishing in the greatness of the Philippines."

Her other sibling, Sarah, will stay with her mother and stepfather Mark Morrow in Australia.

Leila was born here in the Philippines and she flew to Australia with her mother and younger sister to live there. She also said that she visits the Philippines sometimes but it is not enough for her to know her Filipino heritage.

“Visiting Manila every so often over the years has afforded me the opportunity to peek into the vibrant Filipino culture and the kind people that it consists of– an opportunity I will forever be grateful for. However, with 14-and-a-half years in Australia beating the time I had in Manila, learning about the other half of where I come from is a necessity," she said.

Meanwhile, a September report shows that Regine Velasquez, wife of Ogie and stepmother of Leila, said that Leila will stay to have more bonding with her father and her half-brother Nate.

“I mean, they see each other, but not like this na every day mong nakikita. And also, she wants so much to have a relationship with her brother [Nate]. Nalulungkot siya na parang baka ‘He'll forget me. I will really be sad. Yun ang mga angst niya in life," she said.

Regine also said that she will not allow Leila to enter showbiz as she is scared at Ogie can't protect her once she joined them.

“Gusto ko magbakasyon na lang siya, maghila-hilata dun o kung gusto niya mag-school. I mean, I hope you don't mind na parang… natatakot lang ako na magso-showbiz siya," she said.

“Kasi natatakot ako na teritoryo namin yun na mag-asawa and yet we won't be able to protect her because it's so different now. It really is, and I was telling my husband na, as much as possible, let her enjoy her private life 'coz our world is really different." 

Ogie Alcasid's Daughter With Former Wife to Live in the Philippines Next Year! Will She Join Showbiz, Too? Read Here to Find Out!
Source: TNP ,  PEP

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